J&R Service Center was started in 1995 by Jeff Lee. The business started in a small 2 bay shop located in Gardner, IL.  Jeff was a master tech by the age of 21 and had a passion for technology as well as quality.  It didn’t take long for the company to get overrun with cars to fix and a reputation for quality and honesty.  The company made the first expansion in 1998 and added 2 more technicians. 

Then in 2005, another building was purchased and a new shop was built right next to the original.  By now the company had expanded to 4 technicians and a service writer.  The shop became known for friendly service and the ability to fix the problems that other shops just could not.  The customer list grew to over 3,000 in a town that has less than 900 so it became evident that there was a growing following from surrounding towns.  The shop became a very desirable place for technicians to work with high morals and a reputation for fixing only what was needed as well as getting it right the first time. 

In 2009 the company expanded to Diamond, IL and added 3 more employees to the team.  It didn’t take long for the second location to take off and a large building addition was added in 2011.  Making sure that repairs are only done as needed and friendly service is still what drives the company forward 23 years later. 


Many of the people in the original appointment book are still coming and have become great friends. John Hankins who was there the first week of business in 1995 and is still a loyal customer.  It is our commitment to having dealer quality repairs with a better warranty that makes the shop desirable.  It is the ability to treat everyone like family whether it’s Mr. Hankins (our original customer) or a stranger just passing by with car trouble on the highway.

The company cares about our community and gives back whenever possible with team sponsorships, food drives, and donations to local charities and fund raisers.  Thank You for 23 great years!